Production process and export

Our products are sorted, dried, calibrated and packaged using high-tech solutions from leading European equipment manufacturers.


Fresh fruits are stored in an atmosphere controlled environment at a temperature of

-2/+ 4 (± 1) with a relative humidity of 90-95% and are packed in alveolar paper boxes before the sale.

Hazelnuts are packed in jute bags, big bags, vacuum bags, and cardboard boxes, depending on the customer’s request. We store at a temperature of +18 (± 2) so far, with a relative humidity of 60-65%. But after the delivery of the refrigeration complexes, the kernel will be stored in atmosphere controlled warehouses at a temperature of ±5.

Terms of transportation (road, sea, rail, air) and delivery (Incoterms) can be agreed upon request.

All products are exported under the trademark “Aqrovest”. To get more detailed information about hazelnut export, please visit:


Global market

The majority of our products are exported to Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Russia.

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