Agrarco Azerbaijan / Agrarco Azərbaycan / Аграрко Азербайджан

We put our heart into the art of growing, processing and supply 

The delicious taste of a unique environment

The combination of climate, soil, and water makes the northern and north-western regions of Azerbaijan, located at the foot of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, a unique place for growing delicious fruits, especially hazelnut, apples, cherries, peaches, and plums. Agrarco orchards are located right in the middle of this microclimate.

Agrarco Logo Azerbaijan / Agrarco Loqo Azərbaycan / Аграрко Логотип Азербайджан

Port Baku Towers - Southern, Floor 13

Neftchilar Avenue153

AZ1005 Baku, Azerbaijan

Phone: (+994 12) 310 02 51

Fax: (+994 12) 310 03 51

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