Agrarco LLC is a horizontally integrated agricultural company engaged in the production and export of high-grade hazelnut and healthy fresh fruits.

Founded in March 2017 as a result of the merger of three perennial agricultural companies, we are the embodiment of invaluable experience and excellence in innovation to create a sustainable agricultural business.

We provide a full range of fruit supply chain - from cultivation and processing to packaging and delivery.

Mission & Vision

The mission we chase is to become a vertically integrated company while maintaining an international level of customer service, where every stage of the business is traceable...

so that people in all corners of the world enjoy the taste of high-quality and environmentally friendly fruits of our Homeland.


tree nut logo Agraco Azerbaijan дерево орех фундук Азербайджан производство лого
Hazelnut Orchards

We own and manage 1,300 ha of hazelnut orchards today. To achieve the strategic goal of 5,000 ha, an additional 2,500 ha of land was leased for 49 years after a comprehensive and lengthy study of soil, climate and the environment. Hazelnut orchards in 2,500 ha of land will be developed gradually: circa 300-500 ha of land per year starting from autumn 2020.

In 2018, Agrarco created the first 20 ha nursery in order to provide the new orchards with healthy, local-adapted seedlings and eliminate dependence on plant imports.

An additional 50 ha of land is allocated for nursery, to plant 1 million local ata-baba hazelnut seedlings.

Nut Hazelnut Growing Production Export Agrarco Azerbaijan / Fındıq becərilməsi istehsalı ixracı Agrarco Azərbaycan / Фундук Орех выращивание производство экспорт Аграрко Азербайджан.jpg
Cherry Berry Fruit Cultivation Production Processing Export Agrarco Azerbaijan / Gilas Becərilməsi Emalı İxracı Agrarco Azərbaycan / Вишня Ягода Фрукт выращивание производство переработка экспорт Аграрко Азербайджан
tree fruit berry orchards Agrarco ağac meyvə giləmeyvə
Fresh Fruit Orchards

Our company has about 400 ha of fresh fruit orchards. The strategic goal is 1,000 ha of intensive orchards and 200 ha are planned to be planted every year. Technical and advisory services for the gardens are provided by the renowned French company EcofruitConseil.

We provide a full range of services from cultivation and processing to packaging and delivery. Fruits are mainly exported, but some of them are sold domestically.

hub factory nut hazelnut processing export import production Azerbaijan Agrarco
North-Western Hub*

The North-western Hub is located in Zagatala district of Azerbaijan and is an amalgamation of: 

  • World-class, fully automated hazelnut crashing and processing factory

  • Atmosphere controlled cooling warehouse

  • Internationally accredited quality control and assurance laboratory

  • Comfortable guest house

Nut Processing Factory Hub Agrarco Azerbaijan / Fındıq Emalı Zavodu Azərbaycan / Завод по переработке фундука Азербайджан
Nut Fruit Cooling storage Sorting Calibration Line Agrarco Azerbaijan / Fındıq Meyvə Soyuducu Anbarı Aqrokompleks Logistika Mərkəzi Sortlama Xətti Azərbaycan / Охладительный склад для орехов и фруктов Сортировочная Линия Гусар Агрокомплекс Центр Логистики Азербайджан Аграрко
hub cooling storage sorting calibration line Azerbaijan Agrarco soyuducu anbar sortlama xətti Azərbaycan Qusar
Integrated Northern Hub*

The Northern Hub is located in the Gusar region of Azerbaijan and embodies:

  • Atmosphere controlled cooling storage for 10,000 MT in total, with 5,000 MT in the completion stage

  • Fully automated sorting and calibration lines 

  • Comfortable guest house

Apple Fruit Production Processing Export Import Agrarco Azerbaijan / Alma Meyvə Emal İxrac Agrarco Azərbaycan / Яблоко Фрукт Производство Переработка Экспорт Импорт Аграрко Азербайджан
production processing nut fruit hazelnut berry export Azerbaijan Agrarco emal ixrac fındıq meyvə Azərbaycan
Production process and export

Our products are sorted, dried, calibrated and packaged using high-tech solutions from leading European equipment manufacturers.

Fresh fruits are stored in an atmosphere controlled environment at a temperature of

-2/+ 4 (± 1) with a relative humidity of 90-95% and are packed in alveolar paper boxes before the sale.

Hazelnuts are packed in jute bags, big bags, vacuum bags, and cardboard boxes, depending on the customer’s request. We store at a temperature of +18 (± 2) so far, with a relative humidity of 60-65%. But after the delivery of the refrigeration complexes, the kernel will be stored in atmosphere controlled warehouses at a temperature of ±5.

Terms of transportation (road, sea, rail, air) and delivery (Incoterms) can be agreed upon request.

All products are exported under the trademark “Aqrovest”. To get more detailed information about hazelnut export, please visit:


Hazelnut production export Agrarco Azerbaijan / Fındıq emal ixrac Agrarco Azərbaycan / Фундук переработка экспорт Аграрко Азербайджан
global market nut fruit berry hazelnut apple export import Agrarco
Global Market

The majority of our products are exported to Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Russia.

 Global Market Agrarco Azerbaijan / Agrarco Qlobal Bazar Azərbaycan / Глобальный Рынок Аграрко Азербайджан