The construction of carefully designed projects for the development of regional infrastructure - Integrated North-western and Northern hubs is almost at the final stage.

Preparation of land for planting new orchards, and the construction of auxiliary facilities as an irrigation system, transshipment points, and equipment maintenance facilities is carried out regularly.


Since the North-western Hub, which includes new hazelnut processing plant, logistics and resource-training centers is being built in Zagatala, the designers have carefully considered the seismic activity of the zone.

Сonstruction is carried out by experienced construction companies with modern solutions.


The equipment for the plant is provided by a leading Italian company in the industry.

Atmosphere controlled refrigeration complex is installed by German company that has many years of experience constructing similar solutions.

Integrated Northern Hub

Agrarco is establishing AgroComplex and Logistics Center in Gusar district with a total area of 4 ha. The AgroComplex and Logistics Center will serve existing and new orchards, as well as outside clients, consisted of cooling storage with an atmosphere control system, fruit sorting, and packaging storage, enterprise producing various types of semi-finished and final products, training-resource and transport-logistic centers.

Garadagh Cooling Storage

To organize the distribution in Baku, "Agrarco" LLC has completed the construction of refrigerated storage facility with capacity of 2,500 tons in the Garadagh district. The storehouse consists of fruit sorting lines and storage facilities. Warehouses are equipped with high standard technology.


Construction of such refrigerated storage facilities will be continued in the future as necessary.

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